Table 1

Summary of crystallographic analysis.

Data collection
Resolution limit (Å)2.4
Total reflections (N)35,339
Unique reflections (N)15,811
Completeness (%)81
Search model
Molecular replacement
Resolution range (Å)15 to 415 to 4
Θ1, Θ2, Θ3rotation (degrees)18.6, 36.8, 25631.6, 89.8, 250.2
x, y, ztranslation0.059, 0.0, 0.2730.36, 0.0, 0.49
Resolution (Å)30 to 2.5
Number of unique reflections15,548
rmsd bond length (Å)0.007
rmsd bond angles (degrees)1.27
  • * Rsym = Σ|IhiIh|/ΣIhi, where Ihi is the scaled intensity of theith symmetry-related observation of reflectionh and Ih is the mean value.

  • Eulerian angles Θ1, Θ2, Θ3, as defined in X-PLOR.

  • Fractional coordinates x, y, z as obtained by X-PLOR.

  • § Rcryst = Σh|FohFch|/ΣhFoh, where Foh andFchare the observed and calculated structure factor amplitudes for reflection h.

  • | Value ofR cryst for 10% randomly chosen reflections not included in the refinement.