Table 1

Complementation analysis of agrB andagrD genes on the production of peptide activity among three groups of S. aureus and S. lugdunensis.Staphylococcus aureus RN6390B (pRN6683, containing RN6390Bagr P3-blaZ fusion) (4) cells were grown in CYGP medium at 37°C to EEP or MEP. To each culture, 10% conditioned medium prepared (7) from S.aureus cells containing cloned agrB, oragrD or various combinations from representative strains of three groups of S. aureus (I, RN6390B; II, SA502A; and III, RN8463) and S. lugdunensis (9), or CYGP medium as control, was added. The cultures were incubated at 37°C with shaking. After 55-min (for EEP) or 80-min (for MEP) incubation, β-lactamase activity was measured as described (7). +, activation; +*, inhibition; −, no effect.

agrD/agrBGroup IGroup IIGroup IIIS. lugdunesis
Group I++
Group II+*
Group III+* +*
S. lugdunensis + +*