Table 2

The dominant RFLP patterns and 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity of the 16S rDNA clones in thermophilic Fe(III)-reducing enrichment cultures grown with different electron donors. The numbers in parentheses are percentages of the total clones.

Dominant RFLP patternsRepresentative clones in cultures with different electron donorsMost similar speciesSequence similarity (%)
1H-2 (30.8)A-3 (37.1)P-9 (24.3) T. ethanolicus 97.9
2H-3 (19.0)A-10 (19.0)P-3 (19.3) T. ethanolicus 86.7
3H-5 (14.3)ND* P-1 (20.7) T. brockii 97.7