Table 2

Comparison of the FSD-1 experimentally determined structure and the design target structure. The FSD-1 structure is the restrained energy minimized average from the NMR structure determination. The design target structure is the second DNA binding module of the zinc finger Zif268 (9)

Atomic rms deviations (Å)
Backbone, residues 3 to 261.98
Backbone, residues 8 to 260.98
Super-secondary structure parameters*
h (Å)
θ (degrees)
Ω (degrees)
  • * h, θ, and Ω are calculated as described (36, 37). h is the distance between the centroid of the helix Cα coordinates (residues 15 to 26) and the least-squares plane fit to the Cα coordinates of the sheet (residues 3 to 12); θ is the angle of inclination of the principal moment of the helix Cα atoms with the plane of the sheet; Ω is the angle between the projection of the principal moment of the helix onto the sheet and the projection of the average least-squares fit line to the strand Cα coordinates (residues 3 to 6 and 9 to 12) onto the sheet.