Table 1

Production of HIV-1–suppressor activity and β-chemokines by HTLV-1–transformed CD8+ T Cells from HIV-1–infected individuals. Cell-free supernatants from immortalized CD8+ T cell lines were tested with primary NSI and SI isolates and the TCLA isolate HIV-1IIIB (7). Chemokines released into the supernatants were assayed by ELISA (R&D Systems). The concentrations of HIV-1 p24 in control assays without test supernatants were 211.56, 290, and 300.26 ng/ml for HIV-1IIIB, NSI, and SI viruses, respectively. Data are means of duplicate assays.

CloneInhibition of HIV-1 infection (%)Chemokine (ng/ml)
F3b clone 3099.90137.178>100
F3b clone 1988.899.953.768.33521.4
A2a clone 212.7574.2456.7115359.6
B3b clone 242.887.308323.85.4
B2 clone 12094.29056658
A2 clone 550.0799.80109.85325.2