Table 2

Spectral unit summary; R/B, red/blue.

Type nameType locationSpectral characteristics Interpretation
I/F (@ 750 nm)R/B ratioKink
Bright soilNear cradle and Yogi26 to 35%3.69 to 3.760.3 to 0.31Similar to global dust
Dark soilPhotometry Flats, Mermaid16 to 19%2.85 to 3.00.2 to 1.16Local weathering product
Lamb-like soilNear Lamb23%3.460.3Mixture of dust and local material
Disturbed soilRover Tracks22 to 25%3.11 to 3.760.15 to 0.54Soil compaction changes scattering
Dark rockBarnacle Bill, Bamm-Bamm12 to 14%2.06 to 2.110.09Fresh basalt or basaltic andesite
Bright rockBroken Wall, Wedge19 to 24%2.80.18Weathered basalt or basaltic andesite
Pink rockScooby Doo, Baker's Bench33 to 36%4.0 to 4.20.28 to 0.33Chemically cemented drift