Table 1

Molecular analysis of the gene segments of the A/Hong Kong/156/97 virus. Nucleotide sequences were compared, and identity was determined by FASTA (Wisconsin Package, version 9.0) searches of GenBank and European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) databases as of August and June 1997, respectively. The nucleotide sequences have been deposited in GenBank (accession numbers AF036356 throughAF036363).

Gene segmentRegion amplifiedRegion sequencedViruses with greatest degrees of identityIdentity (%)
PB28–233761–2310A/Budgerigar/Hokkaido/1/77 (H4N6)90.1
PB110–234032–2291A/Singapore/1/57 (H2N2)90.6
PA1–220031–1754 and 1974–2179A/Duck/Hokkaido/8/80 (H3N8)91.0
HA1–177321–1743A/Turkey/England/91 (H5N1)93.5
NP7–156121–1542A/Mallard/Astrakhan/244/82 (H14N6)93.6
NA1–140029–1391A/Parrot/Ulster/73 (H7N1)91.1
M775–1027796–1001A/Turkey/Minnesota/833/80 (H1N1)98.5
NS1–89027–860A/Duck/Hong Kong/717/79 (H1N3)93.7