Table 1

Properties of different fatty acid modification enzymes [some of these results were published earlier (6,7)]. The amount of enzyme activity is given as the amount of radioactive substrate converted into product relative to a control, which was in each case the incubation conditions giving the highest activity. The amount of substrate conversion in these controls was C. alpina acetylenase, 12%; C. palaestinaepoxygenase, 26%; C. alpina desaturase, 30%; and E. lagascae epoxygenase, 13%.

Treatment Enzymatic activity (% of control)
Δ12 oleate desaturase C. alpinaΔ12 linoleate acetylenase C. alpinaΔ12 linoleate epoxygenase C. palaestinaΔ12 linoleate epoxygenase E. lagascae
CO 85 84 88 3
P-450 reductase antibodies 96 91 94 33
KCN16 0 35 92
Minus NADH plus NADPH 95 7394 100
Minus NADPH plus NADH 100 100 10011