Table 2

Vibrio strains screened for the presence of VCR cassettes. Abbreviations: V. chol., V. cholerae;V. met., V. metschnikovii; V. par., V. parahaemolyticus; V. mim.,V. mimicus; V. fis., V. fischeri; Path., pathogenicity; cass., cassettes. Symbols: +, more than two different amplification products (24); −, no product. PCR primer sequences are given in (17).

Strain*Year isolatedPath.VCR cass.
V. chol. O:1 569B1946++
V. met. CIP A2671888++
V. met. CIP 69.14T1922++
V. par. CIP 75.2T1953++
V. mim. ATCC 336531982++
V. fis. CIP 1010471958
  • * Strains obtained from the Pasteur Institute Collection (CIP) except V. cholerae O:1 strain 569B provided by J.-M. Fournier (Pasteur Institute) and V. mimicus American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) 33653 provided by A. Paccagnella (British Columbia Provincial Laboratory).