Table 1

Selected social and demographic characteristics of the 1995 NSAM respondents who completed self-administered interviews. (Wgt. %, weighted percent.)

CharacteristicNWgt. %*
15 years39121.2
16 years37120.0
17 years35420.4
18 years31719.1
19 years23919.3
Last year of school completed
Currently enrolled
8th grade or less26214.1
9th to 11th grade94354.0
12th grade1167.3
Some college453.9
Not currently enrolled
8th grade or less130.6
9th to 11th grade1459.7
12th grade1228.9
Some college111.5
Parents' education
8 years or less1122.8
9 to 11 years1286.4
12 years58734.9
13 to 15 years28518.7
16 or more years46637.2
Currently married181.5
UnweightedN 1672
  • * Estimates are weighted to correct for unequal probabilities of selection and nonresponse.

  • Highest grade of school or year of college completed.

  • Highest grade or year of school completed by any parent or step-parent living in the household.