Table 1

Transformation of incisors to molars. Incisors do not develop as well as molar tooth germs in kidney capsules, despite being cultured as pairs, with two out of three (70%) forming cysts at E10 and E11. After E11, incisor tooth germs develop well in kidney capsules. Some secondary molars also developed alongside primary molars in the Noggin/BSA presumptive molar regions.

GestationPresumptive incisor regionPresumptive molar region treated with Noggin or BSA
Treated with NogginTreated with BSA
E101 incisor and 4 molars out of 12 pairs4 incisors and 0 molars out of 9 pairs 35 primary molars out of 36
E115 incisors and 0 molars out of 16 pairs 8 incisors and 0 molars out of 15 pairs 29 primary molars out of 32