Table 1

Major repetitive elements in the genome of C. intestinalis. Elements were identified according to (7). The copy number estimate is based on extrapolation from the number of copies found in 0.88 Mbp of genomic sequence in 1486 fragments of mean size 592 bp, assuming a haploid genome size of 162 Mbp.

NameDescriptionSize (bp) Copy no.
Cigr-1Gypsy/Ty-3–like LTR retrotransposon422675
Cimi-1Miniature terminal inverted repeat SINE19317,000
Cics-1Composite tRNA-derived SINE302–33340,000
Cili-1LINE-like element7000* 50
  • * No complete copies were found in the cosmids, so length could not be determined. The quoted size is that of a typical mammalian LINE.