Building Boom in Multidisciplinary Centers
InstitutionPlanCost(in $ millions)
StanfordBioX (biophysics research)??
UC Berkeley/LBNLPhysical Biosciences>100
Univ. of WashingtonInstitute for Quantitative Systems Biology??
HarvardCenter for Genomics and Proteomics∼50
PrincetonInst. for Genomic Analysis70
CaltechBiological Sciences Initiative100
Univ. of ChicagoBiophysics Institute110
Univ. PennsylvaniaInst. for Medicine & Engineering20
Stowers Institute for Medical ResearchGenomics and Biotech Center125
Johns HopkinsWhitaker Biomed. Eng. Institute34
Georgia Tech/Emory UniversityBiotechnology Initiative∼75