Table 1

Reported virulence factors.

UreaseBuffers stomach acidAll strains(51)
FlagellaMotilityAll strains(52)
NAPNeutrophil activationAll strains(20)
BabAAdhesin for Leb Prevalent on type I strains(18)
LPSLow toxicityAll strains(53)
Lewisx,y antigensMolecular mimicrySome strains (19)
IceAHomolog of Nla III restriction endonucleaseSome strains(54)
VacACytotoxicity (two alleles)All strains(21, 23)
cag PAI31 genes coding for type IV secretion systemType I strains(26)
CagAImmunodominant antigen (part of cag PAI)Type I strains(33)
PicBEquivalent to CagEType I(26)