Table 1

Precursor DC2 cells are the natural IFN-producing cells. Cells (2 × 105) were cultured for 24 hours with HSV. Without HSV, IFN activity from different cell types was less than 12.5 U/ml (23). PBMC: total blood mononuclear cells; pDC2-dep: blood mononuclear cells positively selected for expressing CD3, CD11c, CD19, CD14, and CD56; pDC2-enrich: blood mononuclear cells that were depleted of cells expressing CD3, CD19, CD14, and CD56; pDC2: FACS-sorted CD4+CD11clin cells; CD11c+DC: FACS-sorted CD11c+lin immature DCs; Mo: monocytes; DC1: monocyte-derived DCs after 6 days of culture with either granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) + IL-4 or GM-CSF + IL-4 + CD40 ligand (21); DC2: pDC2-derived DCs after 6 days of culture with IL-3 or IL-3 + CD40 ligand (23). ND, not determined.

IFN (U/ml)
Exp. 1500ND2,80089,800120ND<12.51,100
Exp. 240<12.518020,000<12.5350<12.5<12.5
Exp. 3700402,800638,0007090NDND