Table 1

Summary of cladistic analyses (76) that support the calibrated phylogeny of Dinosauria shown in Fig. 2. Characters and taxon/character-state matrices are available Abbreviations: CI, consistency index; RI, retention index.

AnalysisNumber of terminal taxaNumber of charactersNumber of minimum-length treesCI, RI
Basal Dinosaria1514610.81, 0.89
Thyreophora19119270.87, 0.94
Ornithopoda1414910.94, 0.97
Marginocephalia1915510.90, 0.96
Prosauropoda113260.97, 0.98
Sauropoda1311610.80, 0.86
Ceratosauria136010.91, 0.94
Tetanurae2022030.85, 0.86
Basal Aves610010.97, 0.98