Table 1

EPA1 mediates adherence of yeast cells to epithelial cells. Candida glabrata strain: BG2 (4). Candida glabrata epa1Δ: BG176 and BG178, two independent deletions of the EPA1 coding region.EPA1 restored: BG184 and BG186, independent restorations of the EPA1 genomic locus in deletion strains BG176 and BG178 with a two-step replacement strategy (31).Saccharomyces cerevisiae: strain BY4741 (MATaura3Δ0 leu2Δ0 his3Δ0, LYS2 met15Δ0).Saccharomyces cerevisiae + pEPA1: BY4741 transformed with pEPA1 (36). Data shown are for adherence to the CHO-derived epithelial cell line Lec2. Essentially identical results were obtained for adherence to HEp2 cells. All strains were tested in triplicate.

StrainAdherence (%)
C. glabrata100 ± 16
C. glabrata epa1Δ2.1 ± 1.2
C. glabrata EPA1 (restored)86 ± 16
S. cerevisiae1.8 ± 0.9
S. cerevisiae + pEPA1 99 ± 14