Table 2

Inhibition of adherence of C. glabrata to HEp2 cells by saccharides. The concentration of glyconjugate at which adherence is 50% of adherence in the absence of glycoconjugate is given. NANA, N-acetyl neuraminic acid (sialic acid); GlcNAc, N-acetyl glucosamine; GalNAc,N-acetyl galactosamine.

Glycoconjugate[50% inhibition]
Glucose>200 mM
Galactose 10 mM
Fucose>200 mM
Xylose>200 mM
Mannose>200 mM
Lactose1.5 mM
LacNAc 1.25 mM
Sialyl-LacNAc >10 mM
NANA>200 mM
GlcNAc>200 mM
GalNAc>200 mM
Methyl-dpyranoside>200 mM
Mannosamine>200 mM
Dextran>1 mg/ml
Dextran-S04 >1 mg/ml
Mannan>1 mg/ml
Hyaluronic acid>1 mg/ml
Heparin>1 mg/ml
Albumin>1 mg/ml
Fucoidan>1 mg/ml
Fetuin>1 mg/ml
Asialofetuin>1 mg/ml
Chondroitin-S04-A>1 mg/ml
Chondroitin-S04-B>1 mg/ml
Chondroitin-S04-C>1 mg/ml