Table 1

Pollen phenotype ofS2S2/SCR 6 +andS2S2/SCR 6 plants assayed on stigmas of S6 andS22 homozygotes. The data represent the number of pollen tubes observed onS6S6 stigmas in at least three experiments performed on different dates, with each experiment consisting of two to three pollinated stigmas. Control pollinations with S22S22 stigmas were performed on two different dates.

♀\♂S2S2 /SCR6+S2S2 /SCR6 S6S6 S2S2 S22,S22
S6S6 <6<50<160<4000<6<11<6>300>3000>300>300
S22S22 >300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300>300<3