Table 3

SIV RNA levels in HLA-DR+ or HLA-DR and Ki67+ or Ki67 T cells. Infected cells that were stained or not stained immunohistochemically with antibodies to the indicated markers were easily identified visually in sections of the indicated tissues 12 days after intravaginal inoculation by overlying clusters of ≥10 silver grains over background, satisfying the probability criterion of >0.995 that the cell was infected. Percentages of vRNA+cells by this criterion that were not stained by antibodies to the indicated markers were determined from 100 cells. Grain counts per cell were determined for 100 stained or unstained cells.

TissuePercent vRNA+ T cells Intracellular vRNA levels (grain counts per cell)
CVX6787330 ± 21085 ± 61436 ± 26298 ± 68
LN6283376 ± 25455 ± 34394 ± 25857 ± 43