Table 1

Summary of sequenced viable transposon insertion sites.

M. genitalium M. pneumoniae
Junctions sequenced* 1291918
Distinct sites 685 669
Intergenic sites 199 261
Sites in genes 484408
Different genes§ 140 179
“Disrupted” genes| 93 150
  • * Total numbers of interpretable sequences that include a junction between the end of the transposon and the mycoplasma genome sequence.

  • Numbers of unambiguously different positions in the genome sequence where a transposon junction was observed. The differences between these numbers represent multiple occurrences of identical insertion sites, which tended to cluster in certain genes, particularly in M. genitalium.

  • Annotated open reading frames and RNA genes in the two genomes, with respect to the total number of junctions sequenced.

  • § Total number of annotated genes in which transposon insertions were observed.

  • | See the text for a discussion of the criteria for counting “disrupted” genes.