Table 1

Genomic resources forDrosophila.

TypeDescription Resolution Contribution Source and reference
BAC-based STS content map STS content map constructed by screening ∼23× genome coverage of BAC clones; a tiling path of BACs spanning each chromosome arm was selected 50 kb Location of whole-genome scaffolds to chromosomes; confirmation of accuracy of assembly BDGP [chromosomes 2 and 3 (10)], EDGP [X chromosome (69),], University of Alberta [chromosome 4 (70)]
Polytene mapTiling-path BACs hybridized to polytene chromosomes 30 kbLocation of STSs and BACs to chromosomes; validation of BAC mapSee (10)
BAC end-sequence ∼500 bp of sequence from each end of a BAC clone Two reads per ∼130 kb Long-range association of sequence contigs Genoscope (
Finished clone-based sequence BAC, P1, and cosmid clones completely sequenced to high accuracy ∼29 Mb of total sequenceAssessment of accuracy of Celera sequence and assembly LBNL (26 Mb), EDGP [3 Mb (69)]
Draft sequence from mapped BACs ≥1.5× shotgun sequence coverage of 825 clones from the tiling path of BAC and P1 clones 384 reads distributed across ∼160 kb Location of sequence contigs to a small genomic region; templates for gap closure LBNL, Baylor College of Medicine