Table 1

Examples of mechanism-based cancer therapies in development. See text and Fig. 1 for details.

Receptor antagonists
Raloxifene LY353381 GW 5638 CP336156 EM-800 EMD-121974Estrogen receptor Estrogen receptor Estrogen receptor Estrogen receptor Estrogen receptor Integrin
Protein kinase inhibitors
CGP 57148/STI 571 ZD-1839 CP-358,774 SU-5416 SU-6668 CGP 60474 Flavopiridol CGP 41251 UCN-01Bcr-abl EGF receptor EGF receptor KDR KDR, FGFR, and PDGFR Cyclin-dependent kinases Cyclin-dependent kinases Protein kinase C Protein kinase C
Other enzyme inhibitors
R115777 SCH 66336 L-778,123 BMS-214662 CP-609,754 Marimastat AG-3340 BMS-275291 CGS-27023A BAY 12-9566FTase FTase FTase FTase FTase MMPs MMPs MMPs MMPs MMPs
Therapeutic antibodies
C225 Anti-VEGF IMC-1C11 VitaxinEGF receptor VEGF KDR Integrin
Antisense oligonucleotides
ISIS-2503 ISIS-5132 ISIS-3521 G3139Ras Raf Protein kinase C Bcl2
SCH 58500 (Ad-p53) Onyx-015p53 p53