Table 1

Splenocytes isolated from vaccinated rats were incubated with antigen [Hippocampal extract, recombinant NH2-terminal NMDAR1 (N-term.), and recombinant COOH-terminal NMDAR1 (C-term.)], positive (Concavalin A) and negative (RPMI) controls with proliferation quantitated using thymidine incorporation (18). ND, not done. NC, not changed from negative control. MHC I (1:100, Pharmingen) and CD8+ (1:200, Chemicon) immunohistochemistry was carried out (19) and sections were scored by densitometry and cell counting. (−), no immunoreactive cells. Cellular infiltration into the hippocampus, cortex and striatum was determined by HE staining. Neg., no inflammatory cells.

RatsSplenocyte proliferation assayImmunohistochemistryCellular infiltration
Hippocampal extractN-term.C-term.MHC ICD8+