Table 2

IL-15 increases and IL-2 decreases the total numbers of memory phenotype CD8+ T cells in animals by affecting dividing cells. Transfer and analyses were done as described in Fig. 4B. Cell numbers are for CD44high, CD8+ T cells in the spleens and inguinal, axillary, brachial, superficial cervical, mesenteric, lumbar, and caudal lymph nodes of recipients.

Numbers of donor memory phenotype CD8+ T cells per recipient × 10−3 (% control)
Control8.0 (100)8.1 (100)16.1 (100)
Anti–IL-2170  (2125)22  (275)192  (1193)
Anti–IL-2Rβ2.4 (30)8.9 (111)11.3 (70)
Anti–IL-7 + Anti–IL-7Rα10.3 (129)8.4 (105)18.7 (116)