Table 2
  • * All sequences are murine based, unless specified otherwise.

  • Own observations.

  • This peptide cannot be clearly aligned into the I-Ag7 peptide groove with the aforementioned motif. The current alignment, although favorable for the pockets P1, P4, and P6, places a valine in the P9 pocket. Shifting this alignment by one residue to the right would place an Asp into the P9 pocket; however, this register would result in a Phe occupying the P6 pocket.

  • § Sequence length is an average representation. Refer to references for specific details.

  • | Only residues within the designated register are shown.

  • Chicken.

  • # λ REP, bacteriophage λ repressor; hnRNP, heterogeneous nuclear ribonuclear particles; MSA, murine serum albumin; HSP, heat shock protein: PLP, proteolipid protein.

  • ** Synthetic peptide.