Table 2

SAGE tags elevated in tumor endothelium. The top 25 tags with the highest tumor EC (T-ECs) to normal EC (N-ECs) tag ratios are listed in descending order. To calculate tag ratios, we assigned a value of 0.5 in cases where zero tags were observed. The SAGE libraries are the same as those listed in Table 1. Tag numbers for each group were normalized to 100,000 transcripts. A description of the gene product corresponding to each tag is given, followed by alternative names in parentheses. TEM9 was uncharacterized at the outset of these studies but was recently characterized as a lectin present on ECs in culture and on microvascular vessels of human placenta in vivo (41).

Tag sequenceNameAcc.#N-ECsT-ECsHUVECHMVECCell linesDescription
GGGGCTGCCCATEM1AF279142028020ESTs, similarity to thrombomodulin
GATCTCCGTGTTEM2AF279143025000ESTs, similarity to rat Rhes ras-related protein
CTTTCTTTGAG0226201Regulated in glioma-like 7-1 (Dkk-3/REIC)
TATTAACTCTCTEM4AB002335021131ESTs, similarity to JNK interacting protein-3a
CAGGAGACCCC016200MMP-11 (stromelysin 3)
GGAAATGTCAA13153221MMP-2 (gelatinase A, 72-kD type IV collagenase)*
TTTGGTTTTCC51390160Collagen, type 1, alpha 2, transcript A*
ATTTTGTATGA013480Nidogen (enactin)*
ACTTTAGATGG1230150Collagen, type VI, alpha 3*
GAGTGAGACCC363001Thy-1 cell surface antigen*
GTACACACACC010000Cystatin S
CCACAGGGGAT238021Collagen, type III, alpha 1
ACAGACTGTTATEM7AF279144474000ESTs, similarity with sea squirt nidogen
CTATAGGAGACTEM8AF279145118110ESTs, similarity with homeobox protein DLX-3
GTTCCACAGAA09030Collagen, type I, alpha 2, transcript B*
GCCCTTTCTCTTEM9AB014609117312Endo180 lectin (macrophage mannose receptor family)
TTAAATAGCAC233040Collagen, type 1, alpha 1*
AGACATACTGA116100ESTs, DKFZP434G162 protein
TCCCCCAGGAG116000Bone morphogenetic protein 1 (metalloprotease)
  • * Genes previously shown to be up-regulated in angiogenic vessels (16, 22, 29–33).

  • Multiple tags for this gene are due to alternative polyadenylation sites.