Table 1

Core locations, and core-top and last glacial maximum (LGM) data.

CoreLocation (latitude, longitude, water depth)Levitus SST (°C)Mg/Ca (mmol/mol)Core-top to LGM ΔSST (°C)
TR 163-182°48.6′N,  89°51.1′W,  2030  m26.23.152.39−2.6  ±  0.7
TR 163-192°15.5′N,  90°57.1′W,  2348  m26.22.992.38−2.6  ±  0.8
TR 163-20B0°47.3′N,  93°50.5′W,  3200  m24.52.551.97−2.9  ±  0.9
TR 163-220°30.9′N,  92°23.9′W,  2830  m24.52.702.18−2.4  ±  0.7
ODP 806B0°19.1′N,  159°21.7′E,  2520  m29.23.973.10−2.8  ±  0.7
  • * Average of intervals corresponding to 18 to 24 ky B.P.

  • Calculated from the core-top and LGM Mg/Ca values and the G. ruber calibration in Fig. 2A. The estimated error of the core-top to LGM SST change is calculated from the deviation of core-top Mg/Ca-SST from Levitus SST (43), the standard deviation of the LGM Mg/Ca, and the standard error of the calibration (0.6°C). This error does not explicitly include the potential bias of downcore preservation changes, although preservation differences clearly contribute to the standard error of the calibration (Fig. 2).