Table 2

Number and location of individual bone marrow–derived CNS cells. Sections from five mice were stained with a single antibody to a cellular marker and were analyzed by laser scanning confocal microscopy. “Cells per section” indicates the average number of neurons, astrocytes, or microglial cells analyzed (±SD) in each coronal olfactory bulb section using antibodies specific to proteins for each cell type analyzed. The average number of neurons per OB section was determined using NeuN staining and was used to estimate neurons evaluated for NF-H staining. SAL, superficial axon layer; EPL, external plexiform layer; and IPL, internal plexiform layer.

NeuronsAstrocytes Microglia
Mice analyzed5443
Sections analyzed8443
Cells per section10,400 (± 600)2000 (± 200)550 (± 50)
GFP+cells per OB layer from all sections analyzed
Glomerular layer30410114
Mitral cell layer4007
Granule layer1211013