Table 1

Fitted coefficients for the function describing cumulative replacement substitutions per replacement site versus silent substitutions per silent site, Eq. 2, and for the function describing the rate of loss of young duplicates, Eq. 3. The valuer 2 gives the proportion of variance in the observed values described by the model; standard errors are in parentheses.

SpeciesEquation 2Equation 3
m(dR/dS)S = 0(dR/dS)S = ∞r2dr2
H. sapiens0.4120.4420.0380.75923.9 (2.0)0.954
M. musculus6.5740.3880.1060.73013.9 (3.2)0.698
G. gallus0.8290.3820.0320.720
Danio rerio0.8570.4500.0220.677
D. melanogaster0.5640.3720.0500.5338.2 (1.6)0.766
C. elegans0.5470.5000.0620.6477.0 (1.5)0.735
A. thaliana0.6950.4580.0430.75017.6 (5.0)0.605
O. sativa0.5000.4120.0340.540
S. cerevisiae20.3570.4330.0900.5317.5 (2.4)0.538