Table 3

Significant clinical events directly attributable to the SHIV-89.6P infection or the subsequent immunodeficiency in the controls and vaccinated rhesus monkeys through day 140 after challenge.

MonkeyDisease-attributable clinical events
766Chronic cough, wound infection, persistent epistaxis
810Chronic diarrhea, persistent epistaxis, rash, weight loss, death
826Fevers, chronic diarrhea, anorexia, death
KPBFevers, persistent epistaxis, chronic diarrhea
KPEChronic diarrhea
PKTFevers, persistent epistaxis, chronic diarrhea, hematochezia, death
TDEExplosive diarrhea, weight loss, death
DNA vaccines alone
660, 702None
811Persistent epistaxis, facial swelling/erythema
820Persistent epistaxis, facial swelling/erytherma
DNA + IL-2/Ig protein
712, 772, 798, 839None
DNA + IL-2/Ig plasmid
483, 728, 833, 893None