Table 2

Gene duplications in Arabidopsistranscription factor families. The major families ofArabidopsis transcription factors were analyzed for the presence of pairs or groups of highly related genes (18). The families analyzed together comprise over 1000 genes. Tandem duplications are arbitrarily defined as those that occur within a sequence distance of 50 kb. If two genes are duplicated in the same chromosome but reside >50 kb apart from each other, they are counted in the “Duplications in the same chromosome” column. (Zn) indicates a zinc coordinating DNA binding motif.

Gene familyPercentage of genes with close homologTandem duplications (%)Duplications in same chromosome (%)Duplications in different chromosomes (%)Number of gene clusters/ number of genes in cluster (chromosome)
AP2/EREBP451139501/3 (4)
NAC422710631/5 (1)
C2H2 (Zn)40923681/3 (3)
MADS503032381/4 (5)
bZIP531322651/3 (5)
WRKY (Zn)331217711/3 (1)
Dof (Zn)373317501/4 (4)
CO-like (Zn)521313740
GATA (Zn)50001000