Table 1

Summary of Ba2001 infections in NPY-Cre and ObRb-Cre mice. Data from all of the experiments were compiled and the CNS sites that expressed GFP after infections by Ba2001 are shown. Column 1 lists the anatomic sites where GFP expression was observed in the infected NPY-Cre and/or ObRb-Cre mice. Column 2 shows the time postinfection, in days, when GFP labeling was first observed. Columns 3 and 4 show results from Ba2001 infection time course in NPY-Cre transgenic mice. Columns 5 and 6 show results from Ba2001 infection time course in ObRb-IRES-Cre mice. Frequency, the fraction of mice out of the total that expressed GFP at that site. ND, not done. Intensity rating, +++ indicates uniform site labeling intensity among all mice examined; ++, site labeled in all mice with one or more showing decreased intensity; +, site labeled in some but not all mice; −, no labeling observed in any mice.

GFP-labeled sitesTime postinfectionNPY-CreObRb-IRES-Cre
Arcuate nucleus1.5 days2/2 +++4/4 +++
Ventromedial hypothalamus33/3+++5/5+++
Dorsomedial hypothalamus33/3++5/5+++
Lateral hypothalamus33/3++5/5++
Paraventricular nucleus32/3+5/5++
Suprachiasmatic nucleus30/23/5+
Bed of stria terminalis42/2+++4/4++
Piriform cortex41/2 (5 days)+3/4+
Lateral entorhinal cortex5ND5/5++
Perirhinal cortex5ND5/5++
Somatosensory cortex 25ND3/5+
Mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus5ND1/5+
Somatosensory cortex 170/23/3+++
Retrosplenial cortex70/23/3++
CA1/hippocampus71/2 (4 days)+1/3+
Lat. paragigantacellular nucleus70/21/3+
Raphe magnus70/21/3+