Table 2. Care and support activities and unit costs.

Constant US$ are based on values in 2000.

CategoryAnnual costs (Constant US$)
Diagnostic HIV testing3
Palliative care75*
OI treatment300*
OI prophylaxis32
Drug costs for HAART450 to 3500
Lab monitoring for HAART140
Orphanage care416
Orphan living assistance58
Orphan school fee assistance25
  • *Lifetime costs.

  • †The low value corresponds to the assumed cost of drugs and administration in low-income countries; costs for middle-income countries are assumed to lie between the two values in proportion to a country's per-capita GNP.

  • ‡ Coverage rates 5%, 15%, and 20% for national HIV prevalence <1%, 1 to 5%, and >5%, respectively.