Table 2

Change in the frequency of attraction resulting from the number of pollen tubes and fertilization. The number of pollen tubes was controlled by the number of styles and anther loculi used. A few hundred pollen tubes grew through one style. The SY was disrupted by laser ablation. Embryo sacs in which one synergid cell degenerated with fertilization or was disrupted mechanically during excision were also monitored.

Number of pollinated stylesType of embryo sacFrequency of attraction (%)
One styleComplete48/49 (98%)
−1 SY35/49 (71%)
−2 SYs0/79 (0%)
Two stylesComplete62/65 (95%)
−1 SY23/24 (96%)
−2 SYs0/31 (0%)
One style with 1/8 pollenComplete20/28 (71%)
−1 SY8/23 (35%)
−2 SYs0/21 (0%)
Two styles−1 SY due to fertilization0/68 (0%)
−1 SY during excision28/30 (93%)