Table 1

Elimination of cep-1 function causes meiotic X chromosome nondisjunction.

GenotypeTotal F1'sTotal dead eggsPercent dead eggsTotal males*Percent males
unc-22(RNAi) 3971320.820.1
cep-1(RNAi) 23551134.8331.4
N2 246420.0840.2
cep-1(w40) 3286381.2100.3
  • * Males produced by cep-1(RNAi) hermaphrodites mated normally and produced the expected frequency of male cross progeny (10), implying that CEP-1 is needed for a function in normal meiotic chromosome segregation and not for sexual identity per se.

  • Between 15 and 20 L4-stage N2 hermaphrodites were soaked in cep-1 double-stranded RNA (∼5 mg/ml) for 16 to 18 hours at 20°C. Soaked adults were transferred every 24 hours, and dead eggs, males, and hermaphrodites were scored in the F1generation. unc-22(RNAi) was used as a negative control; although this RNAi treatment invariably results in a penetrant Unc-22 phenotype, no significant effect on male production or viability was seen.

  • N2 (wild-type) andcep-1(w40) strains were soaked in M9 buffer for 16 to 18 hours at 20°C and scored as described above.