Table 1

MicroRNA gene products in Caenorhabditis elegans.

mir-1 cDNAC § |DmHs Unif
mir-2 cDNAC § |Dm L1
mir-42 cDNAC | L1
mir-43 cDNAC § | L1
mir-52 cDNAC § | L1
mir-58 cDNAC | Unif
mir-60 cDNA/InC| L1
mir-62 cDNAC § | L1
mir-72 cDNAC | L1
mir-80 cDNAC § | Unif
mir-81 cDNAC | L1
mir-87 cDNAC § |Dm HsL1
mir-88 InC| Unif
mir-89 InC| NT
mir-90 cDNAC | L1
  • * Identified by screening a size-selected cDNA library (cDNA) or by informatics (In).

  • Predicted by BLAST (15) and mfold (11, 12). C, C. elegans; Dm,Drosophila melanogaster; Hs, Homo sapiens.

  • Expression of an ∼22-nt RNA confirmed by Northern blot.

  • § The ∼22-nt transcript confirmed to be single-stranded using probes to both ends of the predicted stem loop.

  • | Expression of an ∼65-nt predicted stem-loop RNA confirmed by northern blot.

  • Stage of C. eleganslarval development (L1 through L4) when the indicated transcript(s) appear most abundant. Unif, uniform expression; less than twofold change in level; NT, developmental profile not tested.