Table 1

Comparison of the parameters of microtubule dynamics in vitro and in vivo. Dashes indicate that no microtubules were formed. NA, not applicable.

ParameterIn vitro (25 μM tubulin)In vivo
Xenopus egg extractsNewt lung cellsMammalian LLCPK-1 cells§
Tubulin alone+0.8 μM XMAP215 + 0.2 μM XKCM1 + 0.8 μM XMAP215 + 0.2 μM XKCM1Interphase*MitoticInterphase Mitotic
Growth (V g)2.566.768.737.1011.407.2011.5012.80
Shrinkage (V s)NANA19.949.4013.5017.3013.1014.10
Catastrophe (F cat)0.0401.060.692.440.841.563.48
Rescue (F res)NANA1.301.080.702.6410.502.70
  • * Verde et al. (9).

  • Tournebizeet al. (10).

  • Cassimeris et al. (5).

  • § Rusan et al. (7).