Table 1

Embryo viability and rates of implantation, transgenesis, and expression. M, mouse; FUGW, ubiquitin C promoter-GFP; FMHGW, myogenin promoter–H2B-GFP; PV, perivitelline injection; CI, viral co-incubation. The range and average number of proviral insertions for each experimental group is determined only from those animals that are transgenic, that is, the animals that carry one or more copies of the transgene.

AnimalViral constructMethodVirus conc. ×103 (I.U./μl)No. embryosNo. animalsNo. copies
MFUGWPV (trial 1)103 11781781714136.21–12
MFUGWPV (trial 2)103 15315011956494591–21
MFUGWCI2045* 295557.22–12
MFUGWCI4 (trial 1)25* 187553.82–7
MFUGWCI4 (trial 2)120* 5911872.61–5
MFUGWCI0.875* 408111
MFMHGWPV103 106867415 113 of 7 4.82–15
RatFUGWPV103 233210130221393.31–7
  • * See (16).

  • Six founder embryos were recovered at 11.5 dpc (see text).

  • GFP expression can be determined only after sacrificing these animals. Data is unavailable from animals kept for breeding.