Table 1

Life-spans of daz-1(tj3) mutants and germ line–ablated males. The animals described in each experiment (A and B) were grown in parallel (28, 29). P values are relative to the control animals grown in parallel. Life-spans were measured at 20°C.

StrainMean life-span (75th percentile) in daysNo. of animals observed/no. of uncensored animalsP Value
Experiment A
Wild type19.3 (23)80/71
daz-1(tj3)21.0 (26)65/410.080
Experiment B
unc-50(e306);him-5(e1490) males16.4 (23)52/20
unc-50(e306);him-5(e1490) males Z2/Z3 (−)23.9 (33)42/270.008
unc-50(e306);him-5(e1490) hermaphrodites15.9 (21)58/39
unc-50(e306);him-5(e1490) hermaphrodites Z2/Z3 (−)24.0 (30)65/430.0001