Table 1

Summary of 3'-end single-pass sequencing of RAFL cDNA clones isolated from A. thalianafull-length cDNA libraries. 155,144 RAFL cDNA clones were clustered by mapping of the 3'-end single-pass-sequencing data on the genomic sequence to produce more than 14,668 cDNA groups. n.d., not determined; UV, ultraviolet; ABA, abscisic acid; JA, jasmonic acid; SA, salicylic acid; GA, gibberellin; BTH, benzo-(1,2,3)-thio-diazole-7-carbothionic acid S-methyl ester.

Library no.Plant materialsVectorStandard/normalization/subtractionNumber of cDNA clones subjected to clusteringNumber of cDNA groups
RAFL1Cold-treated leaves and stemsλZapStandard* 111 n.d.
RAFL2Rosette plantsλZapStandard256130
RAFL3Dehydration-treated plantsλZapStandard223115
RAFL4Cold-treated plantsλZapStandard1,029862
RAFL5Dehydration-treated plantsλZapStandard2,0301,672
RAFL6Plants at various developmental stages and those treated with dehydration and coldλZapStandard6,1391,461
RAFL7Cold-treated plantsλFLC-1-B Standard2,591751
RAFL8Dehydration-treated plantsλFLC-1-BStandard2,637584
RAFL9Plants at various developmental stages and those treated with dehydration and coldλFLC-1-BStandard22,9293,368
RAFL11Plants at various developmental stages and those subjected to various stress (dry, cold, NaCl, heat, and UV) and ABA treatments. Plants grown under dark conditions. Silique tissuesλFLC-1-BNormalization§ 2,242339
RAFL12Cold-treated plantsλFLC-1-E Subtraction§ 222
RAFL13Dehydration-treated plantsλFLC-1-ESubtraction725
RAFL15Siliques and flowersλFLC-1-EStandard13,661816
RAFL16Dark-grown plantsλFLC-1-EStandard25,4661,227
RAFL17Dehydration-treated plants Rehydration (after dry 10 hours)–treated plantsλFLC-1-ESubtraction14,035452
RAFL18Cold-treated plantsλFLC-1-ESubtraction1,21341
RAFL19Siliques and flowersλFLC-1-ESubtraction24,951970
RAFL21Plants treated with various stress (heat and UV), hormone (ABA, auxin, ethylene, JA, SA, GA, and cytokinin), and BTH treatmentsλFLC-1-ESubtraction12,346502
  • * cDNAs were neither normalized nor subtracted in the construction of standard full-length cDNA libraries.

  • These RAFL cDNAs were not used for clustering, because only 5'-end single-pass sequencing had been done on these clones.

  • The information on λFLC-1-B and λFLC-1-E vectors was described previously (16).

  • § cDNAs were normalized or subtracted in the construction of normalized or subtracted full-length cDNA libraries as described previously (18).