Table 1

Initial attachment of P. aeruginosa toC. albicans filaments. See ScienceOnline for experimental details (12). P. aeruginosa wild type (WT), pilB, andpilC were taken from early stationary-phase cultures (OD600 of 1.2). WT-EP cells were taken from exponential phase cultures (OD600 of 0.4). The percentage of filaments colonized was determined by microscopic examination of 150 filaments per sample after a 20-min incubation. Each value represents the average of triplicate samples. In the last column, number represents the average number of bacteria attached to 300 filaments.

P. aeruginosastrainPercent filaments colonizedBacterial cells per filament
WT80.9  ±  3.14.4
WT-EP29.1  ±  0.41.2
pilB 39.1  ±  8.21.6
pilC 37.8  ±  8.21.5