Table 4

Comparison of TREES humid tropical forest cover estimates with FAO estimates. TREES-II, this study; TREES-I, previous study (15). FAO country estimates are derived from the country tables (1). India was included with Southeast Asia but not 41 × 106 ha of India's dry forest. For Africa and Latin America, we corrected the country estimates to the humid domain by multiplying the forest area by the proportion of rain and mountain forests, excluding the moist and dry forests [appendix 3 in (11)]. Mexico was excluded from Latin America. The TREES estimates of net change in forest cover were interpolated to the June 1990–June 1997 period. Average observation dates were June 1990 and March 1997 for the TREES study. FAO forest cover net change estimates are reported for the 1990–2000 period. The average reference years for the latest area data used by the FAO are 1991 for Africa and South America and 1995 for Asia and Central America. Estimated intervals are at the 95% confidence level.

Forest area for the year 1990 (106 ha) Annual forest area change, 1990–1997 (106 ha year−1)
Southeast Asia 283 ± 31281302−2.0 ± 0.8−2.5
Africa 198 ± 13207218−0.7 ± 0.3−1.2
Latin America 669 ± 57671652−2.2 ± 1.2−2.7
Global1150 ± 541,1581,172−4.9 ± 1.3−6.4