Table 1

Select known mouse-human homologs expressed in LT-HSC subset. The complete list of homologous pairs is presented in Database S3. FC, fetal cells, GPCR, G protein–coupled receptor; LDL, low density lipoprotein; MHC, major histocompatibility complex; TF, transcription factor; UTR, untranslated region.

Gene NameMouse GenBank IDHuman GenBank IDMouse FCHuman FCAnnotation
Ches1 AW046392 U68723 3.32.8Checkpoint suppressor 1, DNA damage, cell-cycle arrest
SREC AA986099 D86864103.6Acetyl LDL scavenger receptor
Blr1 AI608284 X68149 2.83.6Burkitt lymphoma–associated chemokine GPCR
Procr L39017 L35545 39.33.1Endothelial cell protein C receptor
Fzd4 U43317 AI927489 9.22.4Frizzled-like GPCR (Wnt receptor)
Igf1r AF056187 X04434 4.62.1Insulin-like growth factor I receptor
Mtap7 Y15197 X73882 3.36.3Microtubule-associated protein
MYO5C AW214321 AA195002 96.4Myosin 5 motif
Pclo Y19186 AB011131 7.82Presynaptic cytomatrix protein
Sparcl1 AV347505 X86693 4.63.1SPARC-like protein
Ocln AW209088 U49184 6.32Tight junction component
Jcam2 AI853724 AI199779 15.23Tight junction component
Jcam3 AI850297 AA149644 11.18.7Tight junction component
Mpdz AV244715 AF093419 18.45.2Multiple PDZ domains, interacts with GPCRs
Nbea AI154580 AI052524 29.33.2Protein kinase A regulator
SCOP AI836256 AB011178 3.72.7Protein phosphatase 2C domain
Ptpn21 D37801 X79510 32.43.8Protein tyrosine phosphatase, nonreceptor type
Ndr2 AV349686 AI201607 14.72.1Regulated by N-myc
Rras M21019 AI201108 9.82.7R-rasoncogene
Agpt U83509 U83508 9.820.9Angiopoietin-1, binds TIE-2/Tek receptor
Efnb2 U30244 AI765533 39.42.9Ephrin B2, Eph receptor ligand
Rbp1 X60367 M11433 49.83.8Involved in metabolism of retinoids
Aldh2 AV329607 X05409 21.94.1Mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase
Fkbp7 AF040252 AI271550 3.32.9Peptidyl-prolylcis-transisomerase
Smpd1 AV347445 M81780 13.22.1Lysosomal sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase
Tapbp AV361189 AA767887 7.92.3MHC-like antigen-processing transporter
Nnp1 AV260279 AI860822 2.55Nucleolar protein 52–like
Htf9c AV325777 AW007779 6.52RNA recognition motif–containing protein
Elavl4 AV241912 AA102788 13.96.4Uridylate-rich UTR binding
Tcf3 AJ223069 AI916838 5.62General immunoglobulin TF-3
Pphn AW123178 M95585 33.8201.4Hepatic leukemia factor implicated in apoptosis inhibition
Hoxa5 Y00208 AC004080 34.1Up-regulates p53 and progesterone receptor expression
P2rx4 AF089751 U83993 92.9Purinergic receptor ligand–gated ion channel
Slc12a2 U13174 N5695010.62.9Sodium-potassium-chloride cotransporter