Table 1

Frequency and degree of reconstitution in single HSC–transplanted mice. The peripheral blood (PB) of single HSC–reconstituted mice was analyzed by flow cytometry 5 and 14 weeks after transplant for the presence of GFP+ donor-derived leukocytes. PB cells were stained for markers of the lymphoid (L) lineage (CD3+,B220+) versus myeloid (M) lineage (Mac-1+, Gr-1+) or separately for B cells (B, B220+), T cells (T, CD3+), and myeloid cells (M, Mac-1+, Gr-1+).

Frequency of reconstitution (reconstituted mice/total)
5 weeks14 weeks
7/22 (32%) L + M4/22 (18%) BTM
5/22 (23%) L only1/22 (5%) BT
2/22 (9%) B only
Average reconstitution (% GFP+ PB leukocytes)
17.6% (range: 0.12–77.6%)20.2% (range: 0.03–71.6%)