Table 3

Chimerism in blood and bone marrow of long-term parabionts. Nontransgenic (nonTg) and GFP+ mice were surgically joined for 6 (Pair 3) or 7 (Pairs 1 and 2) months. Hematopoietic cell chimerism in the blood and bone marrow (BM) was determined by flow cytometric analysis and is given as the % GFP+ cells in the nonTg partner and %GFPcells in the GFP+ partner. Chimerism of BM HSC was determined after staining of BM cells for c-kit, Thy1.1, lineage, and Sca-1 (KTLS).

nonTg partnerGFP+ partner
Pair 1Pair 2Pair 3Pair 1Pair 2Pair 3Average chimerism ± SD
Blood22.171.283.478.428.210.449.0 ±  32.2
BM4.697319.281.314.47.8233.4 ± 34.4
BM HSCs24.969.410.527.211.4224.2 ± 24.1