Table 1

The percentage of freshly released parasites showing gliding motion has been determined from four independent experiments (numbers in parentheses denote standard variation). Δmyoa1/MyoAi parasites expressing MyoAi were predominantly twirling and showed reduced circular and helical gliding. The circles were frequently incomplete and performed at a reduced speed compared with wild-type parasites. The other values listed in this table are summarizing the results presented in Figs. 2, 3, and 4 (ns, data not shown). The column MyoAe/MyoAi reports the quantification of MyoAe and MyoAi protein determined by scanning the immunoblots (Fig. 2).

StrainATcMyoAe/MyoAiGlidingInvasionEgressPlaquesVirulence in mice (% death)
MyoAe (wt)1.0/022% (6)ns92%large100
MyoAe (wt)+1.0/016% (4)ns88%large100
MyoAe/MyoAi+1.0/0.1ns107% (12)nslarge100
Δmyoa1/MyoAi 0/0.6 8% (2)100%75%medium100
Δmyoa1/MyoAi +0/0.050%  16% (4)18%very small  0