Table 1

The 216 genes enriched in all three stem cells. A few genes are present in more than one category. See database S4 for a full list of genes by general functional category, and table S8 for detailed functional annotations (12).

Signaling (35)F2r(Thrombin R), Growth Hormone R,Integrin a6/b1, Adam9, Bystin,Ryk, Pkd2, shaker K+ channel b3,Gnb1, Gab1, Kras2, Cttn,Cop9 4/7a, Smad1/2, Tbrg1,Stam, Statip1, Cish2,Rock2, Yes, Yap, Ptpn2,Ppp1r2, Ywhab (14-3-3b), Ywhhb(14-3-3e), Axotrophin,Trip6, Gfer (ALR), Upp,ESTs highly similar to Gap, ESTs highly similar to PPP2R1B, ESTs moderately similar to Jak3
Transcriptional regulation (14)MyoD family inhibitor, Tead2, Yap, Four and a half LIM, Zfx, Zfp54, Rnf4,Chromodomain Helicase 1, Etl1, Rmp, 4 ESTs highly similar to Zfp
DNA repair (4)Ercc5, Xrcc5 (Ku80), Msh2(MutS2), Rad23b
Cell cycle regulation (13)Cyclin D1, P21, Cdkap1,Cell cycle progression 2, Gas2, CenpC,Wild-type p53 induced 1, Tmk, Umps,Sfrs3, ESTs highly similar to exportin 1, ESTs highly similar to CAD, ESTs similar to Mapkkkk3
Cell death (3)Gas2, Pdcd2, Wild-type p53 induced 1
RNA processing (9)Sfrs3,Snrp1c, Phax, NOL5, RNA cyclase, ESTs highly similar to Sfrs6, ESTs highly similar to Prp6, ESTs highly similar to Nop56, ESTs highly similar to Ddx1
Translation (6)Eif4ebp1, Eif4g2, Mrps31,Mrpl17, Mrpl34, ESTs highly similar to Eif3s1
Protein folding, chaperones (8)Hspa1l(Hsc70t), Hspa4 (Hsp110),Dnajb6 (Mr Dnaj), Hrsp12,Tcp1-rs1, peptidylprolyl isomerase C, FKBP 9, ESTs moderately similar to Fkbp13
Ubiquitin pathway (12)Ube2d2, Ariadne 1, F-box only 8, Ubiquitin Protease 9X, Uchrp,Axotrophin, Tpp2, Cop9 4/7a, Nyren18(Nub1), ESTs moderately similar to Ubc13(bendless), ESTs highly similar to proteasome 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 12(p55)
Vesicle traffic (5)Rab18,Rabggtb, Stxbp3, Sec23a, ESTs moderately similar to Coatomer delta
Toxic stress response (6)Abcb1 (Mdr1), Gsta4,Gslm, Thioredoxin reductase, Thioredoxin-like 32kD, Laptm4a
Other (8)Reticulocalbin, Supl15h,Pla2g6, Acadm, Suclg2,Pex7, Tjp1, Gcat
Unknown (100)EST clusters with little or no homologies