Table 3

Most common Pfam domains in protein kinases. See table S7 for a fuller listing.

Domain nameNumber of genesNumber of domainsFunction class
Protein kinase C terminal domain4444 Accessory domain
Immunoglobulin domain (Ig)30254 Extracellular, protein interactions
Fibronectin type III domain (FnIII)28194 Extracellular, protein interactions
SH2 domain2527 Adaptor: Binds phosphotyrosine
SH3 domain2728 Adaptor: Binds proline-rich motifs
PH domain2322 Signaling; phospholipid binding
Diacylglycerol binding (C1, DAG_PE)2333Phospholipid binding
Calmodulin binding motif2325Not in Pfam. From literature and sequence alignment
SAM domain (Sterile alpha motif)1516 Dimerization domain
Ephrin receptor ligand binding domain1414 Ligand binding
CNH domain1212 Cytoskeletal?
HEAT, armadillo/β-catenin repeats1027 Protein interaction
Activin receptor1111 Ligand binding
Ankyrin repeat (ANK)959 Protein interaction
Regulator of G protein signaling (RGS)77GTPase interaction
PDZ/DHR/GLGF domain77Membrane targeting
Ubiquitin-associated domain A (UBA)78 Protein degradation
Receptor L domain714 Ligand binding
Furin-like cysteine rich region721 Receptor dimerization?
p21-Rho-binding domain (PBD, CRIB)99GTPase interaction
Phosphatidylinositol 3′-kinase (PI3K)66Catalytic: Protein kinase
FAT66Accessory domain for PI3K
FATC66Accessory domain for PI3K
Alpha kinase66 Catalytic: Atypical kinase
C2 domain66Ca2+, phospholipid binding
Guanylate cyclase catalytic domain55Catalytic: cGMP production
HSP90-like ATPase55Catalytic: Atypical kinase
ANF receptor55 Ligand binding
Kinase-associated domain 1 (KA1)55Unknown
Bromodomain813 Acetyl-lysine (chromatin) binding domain
HR1 repeat513 GTPase interaction
Leucine-rich repeat530 Ligand binding, protein interaction
ABC1 family55 Catalytic: Atypical kinase
Death domain66 Dimerization domain
BTK motif44 Signaling
RhoGEF domain45 GTPase interaction (guanine exchange factor)