Table 1

Mutant alleles of GmNARK. The asterisk denotes nonsense termination mutation.

Genetic backgroundAlleleSupernodulation phenotypeMutationReference
G. maxBragg nts382 ExtremeQ920* (11, 12)
G. maxBragg nts1007 ExtremeQ106* (11)
G. max Bragg nts1116 IntermediateV837A(11)
G. max PS55 nts1007 ExtremeQ106* (11)
G. max nts246 × G. soja CPI 100070§ nts246 ExtremeK115* (11)
G. maxEnrei en6500 ExtremeK606* (15)
G. sojaPI468.397 FN37 ExtremeDeletion(16)
  • nts382, nts1007,nts246, nts1116, and en6500 are allelic because F1 hybrids show increased nodulation compared with the wild type (13, 15). PS55 is an Australian soybean variety into which nts1007 mutant allele was introgressed.

  • First description of allele.

  • § Supernodulating F2 plants derived fromG. max nts246 × G. soja CPI 100070.